In my first trip to Iceland i had the chance to feel the Rafting experience in the Icelandic White Waters of Eystri Jökulsá. My experience was simply amazing, and I had the need to express how those feelings are in a video. So I agreed a deal with Anup Gurung (Viking Rafting Owner), and after one year I came back to Iceland to became that project reality. 


It was a wet and hard experience with all the equipment, but it totally worth it. As the slogan of the company says…. TAKE YOUR FUN SERIOUSLY 


Video by Pedro Miralles & Jeremy Loscher 

Music by Jeremy Loscher & Billie Holiday-easy living 

Cameras used: Panasonic Lumix GH4, GH3 & GH1 with water proof cover. Go Pro and DJI F550 for aereal shots performed by Anup Gurung and Pedro Miralles.